As one of the leading local businesses in the 9/29 Moo 5, Tambon Lam Luk Ka Pathumthani area(Factory), we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. Get in touch today to learn more.

Service line:

Provide the technical consultant, problem solving about cleaning improvement process, new design of automation

Design and build the automation and cleaning machine for all kinds of industrials, installation, re-locate, renovate such as automotive parts, HDD, Glass, Foods, jewelry, medical, mold and preventive etc.

Support all kinds of cleaning devices and equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning, transducer and generator

Inspection and re-test the ultrasonic cleaning system, repair all brands of ultrasonic

High pressure air blowers, all kinds of oven

Design and build the Ultrasonic box both plate and immerse type(SUS304/316L All frequency ranges.

  • Design and build the plastic pallet and crate cleaning machine(Wet cleaning and Dry)
  • Design and build the mold cleaner and mold detergent
  • Part cleaning services
  • Design and build an automation system and machinery
  • Supply the ESP fume purification
  • Supply the steam cleaner
  • Box and pallet cleaning machines
  • Packing and automation system
  • Robot system
  • COD/OBD analyzer(Water quality analyzer equipment’s and devices)

Our partners: Sinobakr China